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Orangerie, Georgian, Romanesque, Salt Box, Monastery



OrangerieTrue to its name, this beautiful fragrance is a masterful blend of Blood Orange and Goji Berries that work together to provide an entire range of fruity, citrus characteristics. The citrus and berry notes are combined with a strong accord of Sweet Vanilla that gives this fragrance its long-lasting aura.

Georgian- This intoxicating fragrance exudes a luxurious aura as Mango and Green Leaf introduce a rich floral bouquet of Gardenia, Tuberose and Orange Flower. Background notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla lend depth and harmony to this luminous and alluring scent.

Romanesque- This fragrance was designed to connote the tropical woodiness of an ebony forest. The fruity, green top notes enhance and accentuate the overall tropical setting. The woody body combines luxurious Sandalwood and mysterious Amber notes.

Salt Box- This fragrance bursts with notes of Cool Ozone accord, Bitter Orange, Lemon and Verbena. It slowly eases into Chilled Melon, Night Lily and Jasmine finishing with Galbanum and a touch of Patchouli.

Monastery- A Mandarin and Orange complex opens this fragrance with fresh Aldehydic notes and supporting notes of Petitgrain. The body of this essence combines citrus notes with a broad Sandalwood accord. The scent is dominated by woody notes and accented with a mossy, woodsy complex. Sprinkled throughout the fragrance are light Jasmine highlights that add overall sparkle.


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